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About Me

About A Map, Fork & Cork 

Hi! I’m Jenn a maple syrup and cookie loving Canadian from Ottawa. 

In 2013, I decided it was time for a change so I packed my bags and boyfriend (now husband) and moved to Beijing, China. That’s when my passion for food really began. Not only was I trying all different kinds of Chinese food, I was also learning how to cook western dishes using the Chinese ingredients I could find in local markets. Living in China also allowed me to travel…I mean A LOT! As soon as I discovered my first secluded, powder sand beach through a jungle in Vietnam, my obsession for off the path, unique travel experiences had begun.

Since Then I’ve…

  • learned to surf and scuba dive in Lombok and Gilli Air, Indonesia 
  • swam with whale sharks 
  • road tripped through Sicily and Tuscany, Italy in search of the best wine and pasta 
  • kayaked through jellyfish to my own private island in El Nido, Phillippines 
  • seen elephants in the wild at the Masai Mara in Kenya 
  • had my own destination wedding in a private villa on Euboea Island, Greece
  • and much, much more! 


I hope that these experiences inspire others to go beyond the main touristic attractions, take the road less traveled, really explore the places, the culture and most importantly… taste new things.

Travel Taste

Who’s This Guy?

Travel Taste

Meet my husband Jugo!

He’s that handsome guy that towers over me in pictures. When we are traveling together, he’s in charge of navigating to wherever we need to go and removing any tarantulas and snakes from our room (yes, both those things have actually happened). You’ll see him mentioned in my posts from time to time as well as making his own contributions to stories on A Map, Fork & Cork and some photography.